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Go beyond the cheats and grab these goodies before they are gone for good. Previously only available via Kickstarter campaign. Ending soon.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Quick Update + Flash Sale!
21 days ago – Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 05:54:43 AM

Hey backers! It's been a little while since my last update so I wanted to share a few things with everyone. First, a couple of things that are upcoming for our AIO (Aurora).

1. New Mobile App

We are starting from scratch on a new mobile app that will be compatible with Aurora. It will start out as a remote control for your trainers so that you can change BOTH option states and editor values and will then eventually transition to more of an "Aurora on the Go" type of app. We're hoping the mobile app (both Android and iOS) will be available by the end of May, but it may take longer depending on how many features we can squeeze in. If we don't make our June 1 deadline, then certainly no longer than July 1.

We recently completed the design phase and are now working on beginning coding.

A couple of screens for you guys:

Splash Screen

Editor Screen

2. New Gamebar Overlay

Similar to our current in-game overlay for choosing your trainer options, this will take it further and not need to inject into the game, which should cut down on some crashes that people experience with certain trainers, but be completely resizable and work much better. You guys will love it. Unfortuntely I don't have any screens I can share at this time, but coding on it is going well.

That's all that is new right now other than a new version of Aurora being released later today (v1.2.5). Here are the fixes and changes from the last few updates (including today's):

[+] Added two new themes (Blended for Light and Dark themes)

[+] You can now add standalone trainers to your favorite list
[+] When pressing the 'Launch Game' button and you don't have the path specified, Aurora checks your installed games for a possible match
[!] Fixed launching standalone trainers may fail
[!] Fixed unchecking 'Remember my platform choice' is bugged
[!] Fixed cannot click on tracked trainers

[+] Added a new option under 'Appearance' to always open Aurora main window at the center of your screen
[~] Clicking on 'Boost Update Priority' now also redirects to the request page instead of opening the website
[~] Reduced width of the date column in trainer queue
[!] On 'Trainers' page you can now also click on a game cover while holding down CTRL
[!] Fixed unchecking 'Remember my platform choice' is not saved
[!] Fixed 'Remember my platform choice' skips multi trainer selection when they're for different games

[+] Added trainer queue to 'Requests' page
[+] Added search to the special thanks list
[+] Adding a visual feedback if email address on login is invalid as some users tried to login with username instead
[~] Replaced the 'No offline key found' with a more helpful message
[~] Extended logging on mobile connection failures
[!] Fixed a bug where you still get asked for selecting distribution multiple times
[!] If a new Aurora update is available you will only get asked once about updating now
[!] Fixed an issue where trainer rating is not applied correctly

[+] Expanding favorite bar is now animated
[+] Showing a hint explaining how to add a trainer to favorites to 'new' users
[~] Settings are saved more often than just on exit
[~] Remember platform choice checkbox is now centered
[~] The overall trainer rating is now displayed with heart icons (again)
[~] Cheat customizations with a slider are more precise now

Hopefully that catches everyone up with what has been going on since my last update post.

Also, don't miss our FLASH SALE! going on right now in our ONLINE STORE. If you missed getting any of the rewards from some of the higher pledge levels, now is your chance to snap some of them up and at a significant discount but for a VERY LIMITED TIME. We also added a few new items NOT available during our Kickstarter campaign. Here's a few that stand out:







That's it, until next time. Thanks as always for supporting this project and I hope we haven't let you down so far. And we have so much further to go with it thanks to your generous funding.

-Chris (PWizard)

Lots Have Changed in 3 Weeks, Including CoSMOS Integration
about 2 months ago – Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 04:05:45 AM

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted an update since we officially launched Aurora back on March 1, 2022. We've seen quite a few changes since then. Let's run down the important ones:

1. You can now FREEZE editor values, a feature not available in earlier builds.

2. Added a new COMPACT MODE to the trainer option view for those with lower resolutions.

3. Several new THEMES added including Black Beauty, Beautiful in Burgundy and The Red Queen.

4. Added option to REMEMBER all of the trainer options you had activated (per trainer) to easily re-activate them all again on future playthroughs.

5. Lots of SPEED and performance enhancements made. Much faster now all-around.

6. Our gamehacking software CoSMOS has been re-worked and is now fully integrated into Aurora with a new, Cheat Engine style interface. Mostly beginner version at this time to avoid bloatware.

7. Several BUGS squashed thanks to user reporting. as you can see, we have been busy. In fact we have yet another new version to release in another day or so. Be sure and leave your feedback, bug reports and feature requests on our Aurora message boards as we try and integrate almost ALL things that are requested.

In other news, today we have released the world's first (that we know of, as of this writing) native gamehacking software (CoSMOS) built specifically for the newly released STEAM DECK. While it's not Aurora, it's a great first step in navigating the difficult Linux+SteamOS combination. Luckily we had already made a few Linux trainers in the past along with a mostly finished CoSMOS. We hope that we are able to do more with the device as time goes on and more people have the devices in-hand. We are rooting for Valve on this one!

Lastly, in our CH STORE, you can still grab the highly sought after LIFETIME OF LIFETIME PLUS which now includes 1 MILLION Reward Credits (RC), 20 Prize Wheel Spins and access to 200 brand new avatars to spice up your Cheat Happens website profile. We are also now offering a CUSTOM AURORA THEME AND AVATAR service for cheap, half-price Lifetime memberships, 10/20 Prize Wheel Spins and 2 Years of Lifetime PLUS. We also have lots of CH swag if you're looking for a CH shirt, hoodie, hat, backpack and more. No idea how much longer the store will remain open or these great deals will last so act fast if you see something that you want!

That's all for now. We have more new items coming down the pike so keep a watchful eye on the CH website and Aurora notifications, now built into the app.


Chris (PWizard)

Cheat Happens Aurora Released to Public on March 1, 2022
2 months ago – Fri, Mar 04, 2022 at 06:35:41 PM

We did it! We have reached the end of this particular road and have launched our new All-in-One trainer management software, AURORA, as planned, on March 1, 2022. We couldn't be more excited.

You guys made this possible with your extremely generous donations and outpouring of support beyond what we could have ever imagined. To date, we have raised over $500,000 towards the Aurora project and we hope after using the product that you will see we used the funds wisely. During our closed beta period that was open only to Kickstarter backers, we squashed several bugs and better yet, added a multitude of new options and features not originally planned. 

Instead of going on and on about all of the features and functionality of Aurora, I'd rather you experience it for yourself.


All you need to login is an active Cheat Happens Premium subscription (monthly, yearly or lifetime) and you are good to go. Thank you again to everyone that has followed us on this journey and even though we have reached this milestone it doesn't mean that production of Aurora will stop. We have saved up donated funds so that we can continue work on Aurora for a long time to come where we will be adding more and more new functionality and making Aurora THE All-in-One solution in the cheats and trainers space. 

We have also opened up our two new Aurora message boards to the public where we can get your feedback, bug reports and new feature requests. We hope to see you there. Until our next major update, thank you again on behalf of the entire Cheat Happens team for helping us make Aurora a reality.


Chris (PWizard)

Beta Test Going Smoothly... Full Release in 2 Weeks
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 01:15:19 AM

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on things. Our closed BETA test of Aurora couldn't be going more smoothly. Very few bugs found and several user requested features have been added along the way. We are on track for a MARCH 1, 2022 public release. We are spending the next two weeks polishing things up and squashing any remaining small bugs that may exist. Once we go live then we will monitor things closely, fix bugs and also add features based on everyone's experience with the app.  We will also be adding in the features that didn't quite make it into the initial release (like Achievements, additional stats, etc). 

For those that would still like to get Aurora early, you can still do so through our Backerkit Store

I want to reiterate a couple of things about the go-live of Aurora:

1. We will no longer be releasing any stand-alone trainers. ALL new and updated trainers, with very few exceptions, will ONLY be available within Aurora so ALL members will need to download the software to continue getting our new and updated trainers. All of your existing stand-alone trainers will continue to work just fine and may also be added to Aurora, much like our existing Trainer Manager software. The current Trainer Manager will be RETIRED and no longer updated or supported after Aurora's release.

2. An active PREMIUM membership will be required in order to login and use Aurora. This is because the sole purpose of Aurora is to use our premium trainers so there literally would be nothing for non-premium users to do within the app.

3. No new memberships or membership types will be required to use Aurora. If you have a monthly, yearly, lifetime or lifetime plus membership today then it will still work with Aurora. No one will have to pay again or purchase an additional membership to use Aurora, with the exception of OFFLINE use.

4. If you wish to use Aurora offline, it will require an Aurora offline key which is NOT the same as our previous, stand-alone trainer offline keys. These keys will only be available to those with a LIFETIME PLUS membership (and those that purchased keys during our Kickstarter/Backerkit campaign). 

5. On launch day, there will be a new page on the site dedicated to Aurora where you will be able to download it and get more information on it. We have been busy loading new and past trainers into our Aurora database and as of this writing we are right around 1000 compatible trainers. More are added every day.

Here are the release logs since our last update:

Changelog 1.0.6

[!] Fixed an error when using ingame overlay on a trainer without trainer options
[!] Fixed broken search introduced by 1.0.5 update

Changelog 1.0.7

[+] Added 'Requests' page
[+] You can now rate a trainer within Aurora
[+] Added header customization (background, foreground + background image) + import/export to file
[+] Added a tooltip to the favorite button
[+] Added 'Remove from favorites' to context menu of a favorite game on the left list
[+] Added an option to auto login
[+] Added an option to change controller trigger
[+] Added your current RC balance below your avatar
[+] Added prompt to restart Aurora when Mica or Darkmode setting has changed
[+] Added a new button next to 'Mark as favorite' which notifies you about a trainer update while you are using the trainer
[+] Added an option to disable hardware acceleration
[+] Added an option to opt-in into preview versions
[~] Set fixed height and width for Changelog window
[~] Adjusted foreground color in dark mode making text easier to read
[~] Editor options are now scrollable also when trainer isn't activated
[~] The home page scales with the window size now to better support higher resolutions
[!] Fixed styling of changelog window
[!] Fixed minor memory leaks
[!] Fixed main window opens maximized after it was closed on second monitor on left side

Changelog 1.0.8

[~] Changed default (no avatar) avatar image
[!] Fixed several keyboard RGB related issues
[!] Fixed EPIC filter
[!] Fixed reset trainer button not working on specific trainers
[!] Fixed main menu is not visible for first time users

Changelog 1.0.9

[+] Added scaling of ingame overlay via Ctrl+Shift+Page Up to increase and Ctrl+Shift+Page Down to decrease
[~] Due to incorrect versioning of 1.0.7 release, only after this update all 1.0.8 changes apply for most people you can see, we have been busy since our last update. That's all I really have to share at this time. The very next update will likely come on release day. We're excited for everyone to get their hands on it and see what we have been working on these last couple of months since the Kickstarter ended. You guys made it possible and we are very proud of it. 

Until March 1st... 

Chris (PWizard)

Aurora 1.0.5 Released to BETA Testers - On Track for Public Release
3 months ago – Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 03:15:30 PM

Hey everyone,

It's been a little over a week since we released our first BETA of our new All-in-One Trainer Client, Cheat Happens Aurora. Wow, a lot has happened since then, from competitors copying our work to others trying and failing miserably to launch their own AIO. But on the positive side, the beta testing has gone EXTREMELY well, with very few actual bugs reported and almost all of them have already been fixed as we have released 5 new versions of Aurora since January 24th. We are now on version 1.0.5 and certainly on track for a public release of the software in the coming weeks. Right now we are focused on implementing several user requested features from our Aurora Message Boards and also finishing off things not included in the initial release like our Requests system, Achievements, etc. 

First impressions of the app have been overwhelmingly positive with not a negative comment in the bunch. The app is polished and runs better than competitor apps which are up to version 8 and been out over 5 years according to multiple members familiar with both pieces of software. We now even have a moderator that has moved away from a competitor site to join our mod team due to all the copying and poor attitudes towards their members. 

We've had several people ask us if they could still get in on the Aurora beta test so we added that to our BackerKit Store as an option that can be purchased for a small donation of $20 which will go towards our ongoing development of the app and the adding of new and exciting features never before seen in any other AIO out there. 

We are still gathering feedback, bug reports and feature requests from Kickstarter backers that have their hands on the app over on our new Aurora Message Boards, however you will need to have Aurora beta access in order to participate in the forums just so we don't get too many messages mixed in from those that have yet to experience the app.

I wish I could share some new screens and videos with you, but unfortunately our competitors just like to use them as "inspiration" for their own AIO software and so we will keep those final tidbits a surprise for members on public release day, which is quickly approaching! We are hoping to launch before the end of February for all to use. We've also been busy back-loading existing trainers into our Aurora database so that on launch day we have a TON of Aurora compatible trainers for you guys to use. We just passed 500 new and recent trainers that are now Aurora compatible and we're shooting for THOUSANDS by the time we officially launch! 

What I can share are the release notes/changelogs from our first 5 versions of the app for those interested:

Changelog 1.0.5:

[+] Added 'Clean Temp Files' button to settings -> standalone trainers page
[+] Added filter trainer list by Steam/Gog/Epic/Gamepass support
[~] Avatars are only downloaded when you choose to pick a new one instead of every time you open the settings page
[!] Fixed some issues with maximized window on second monitors

Changelog 1.0.4:

[+] Improved game search function. Multiple words no longer have to be part of the game name as a single string. i.e. previously a search of 'Call warfare' gave no results. Now it does.
[+] Added a button to open the website for games without compatible trainers
[!] Fixed 'Remember my choice' is shown for games without compatible trainers
[!] Fixed closing game while running trainer doesn't reset trainer status (for real this time)

Changelog 1.0.3:

[+] Added 'Delete trainer from disk' context menu for offline/standalone trainers
[+] Added 'Open' button to trainer attachments if attachment is a RAR or ZIP file
[+] Showing notification for Lifetime(+) trainers if membership is insufficient
[~] Improved rendering performance and lowered memory usage
[~] Adjusted element spacing on items in 'Trainers' page
[!] Fixed download standalone trainer button color in white mode
[!] Fixed maximizing window in second monitor makes the window disappear

Changelog 1.0.2:

[+] Added a close active trainer button to the top left
[~] Reworked scaling experience for users with high DPI scaling, lowered minimum window height
[~] Hide launch game button if game is running
[!] Fixed a crash on reading invalid EPIC manifest file
[!] Fixed closing game while running trainer doesn't reset trainer status

Changelog 1.0.1:

[~] Adjusted message box foreground color, font size and distance to window border
[~] Adjusted cheat option tooltip foreground color, initial show up delay and max width
[~] Some theme adjustments
[!] Fixed message box text is not wrapped
[!] Fixed several issues regarding window size/position
[!] Fixed maximize window overlaps taskbar you can see, we have been busy! 

Sorry for the super-long post, just wanted to keep everyone in the loop on where production is on the app that you guys so graciously backed.

PS --- We were so proud of what we accomplished here, we used to have a custom-made certificate that I now have hanging proudly next to my work desk. They even featured us on their homepage so thought we would give some props back!

Until next time... we're getting ever-closer! So excited for everyone to get their hands on the final app!

Chris (PWizard)